Monday, 24 September 2012

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Hello everyone, I am Sahil Mahajan. I have done B.Tech(Computer Science and Engineering) from Gobal Institutes, Amritsar(Punjab). I completed my graduation with, if i am not wrong i think 85% aggregates. Though i was not among the toppers, not even near them. We just hoped of being at the top someday( The day that never comes) . 

Leaving that, we were assured by our college that we just dont need to worry as if they were gonna provide us 100% placement. 
Typically 100% placment means that, a job would be waiting for each and every student that pass out from the college campus. But this was not in Global Institutes's  case. No doubt, almost all of the students were placed in the college campus. I would rather list the Companies that offered jobs in our college Campus.

Companies that comes to our College Campus

  • The Most hottest company that comes to our college was Google Inc., i dont even think that this name is correct or not. For a college, who was not even having a single passout batch, it was a great achievement that the GooGle(Oh my God) was going to organize placement fest. The students prepared a lot for that and results revealed. 18 students were placed in the company. I would rather like to state that, the 18 students were all belonging to the upper layer of our batch. Upper layer in this context is to refer to the top students from the three streams(CSE, IT, ECE). Its been more than half a year, when those students were placed and this is time they dont even have little bit of hope of getting called from the same company.
  • The Second not so hot company that comes to our college was NICE Guidance. Dont fall for the name. Only the name is NICE, not the company. This company hired about DOZEN  of students from our college. Most being from our Stream(about 9). This company was looking reliable out of all other companies. But all in vein. Out of 13, 8 joined the company and after 2 months out of those 8, 3 started working with some others vendors as android developer, 2 started M.Tech(:p), 2 are working with some other company and the last one is doing nothing but just paying the rent of the house in delhi.
  • The third not so promising company was Visual Soft. This company offered a package of nearly 4 Lakh per annum. Though the company standard was not so high as such their package. When the folks joined the company, they were offered a package of 1.4lakh per annum, only if they completed the Monthly Target on Field Job. Out of those 5 students, not even a single one had joined the company.
  • The other companies that comes to our college was JSON System. Who were not even assured of which students they had placed. 2 Students  were placed, out of them 1 joined the company and then leaved the company after a week.
  • The next company was RELCOM, infact this was the first company who comes to our college. This was the best of all. Their HR was wearing Sleepers when conducting interview. Placed 4 or 5 students with a package of 70 thousand(per annum). None of those joined the company.
  • The last one, if i am not missing anything was DIBON Group.  Out of all those, i have found this company a bit reliable . 2 of our stream had joined this company, though they are not getting any salary for first 2 months, but still they are learning a lot there.
Apart from these, you can find some big names of companies in our college placement site (infosys, indian army, wipro etc etc..). We have been there with the college, since its first brick was drawn and even we hadn't seen these companies. May be our College Admins have seen them.

Now talking about me, i am working as Android Developer at Kochar Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. Now i have gathered 6 months of Experience in Android Programming and soon will be heading towards Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

At last, i would like to apologise, if i had hearted anyone's feelings. But this was not my intentions, i was just making an attempt to reveal the 100% placement Truth of Our College.

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Thanx for reading this shit. Comments from your side will be appreciated.
Sahil Mahajan Mj


  1. I agree with my dearest friend sahil mahajan(MJ) i called him mojo jojo .... i was among those 18 students who got placed in google inc. after waiting for a long run ....i atlast working as php developer at talkvalley LLC. in new delhi.....this is ridiculous about out college...

  2. Congrats for your job brother. good luck for future :)

  3. excellent blog wid only one mistake "all in vain" not vein :p
    atleast u people got placed in s/w devlpng co. we hav only BPOs for us nd dey too choose 1 2 students among 50 :(